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Eco-Friendly Production Equipment

When production is booming and it's hard to keep up with demand, it's time to explore the high-performance production equipment that only AccuLease in Farmingdale, New York, offers to get you on the fast track to productivity. This is ideal for expanding and merging companies, and an excellent option for factories starting out.

The Smartest Option

By financing equipment from us, you'll save money by being able to create your products at your facility with high efficiency. You'll always have firsthand knowledge on the creation of your products and quickly be able to make important decisions regarding materials and methods used, potentially extending the life of your products.

Production - Production Equipment

Environmentally Friendly

At AccuLease, we care about the environment, and are proud to carry environmentally safe energy equipment. The equipment we lease ranges from medical to recycling. State of the art recycling equipment includes machines that shred e-waste and white ware to eliminate waste in landfills.


Help The Bottom Line

Discover how much your company will benefit with a few eco-friendly changes. Our company specializes in building LED lighting that run cooler and uses less electricity. Large buildings save up to $100,000 a year when switching their factory's lighting.


Eco-Friendly Products

A game-changer in the commodities markets, we offer products that separate the plastics, metals, precious metals in to different containers in a one-step process. Also, ask about equipment to create jet fuel out from wood chips, among several cutting-edge ecofriendly products.

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